My my how time flies!

Ok so I admit it´s been a while since my last post but finally I am able to actually use a computer with internet! YAY!

I arrived in Cordoba on 23rd Septemeber and that whole week I have to say was a complete blur. I found a flat after a few awkward and confusing spanish phonecalls and found my way to my school, I´ve also visited the main attractions in Cordoba and loved every minute of it.

However, I still don´t have internet in my flat! I will never understand why the spaniards are so laid back!! Anyway this is why I´m currently writing this post from the school computer. Did I also mention my laptop is currently broken?

TIP 1: To all students\travellers etc….NEVER bring two suitcases with you when you are travelling and NEVER put your laptop in a suitcase. I don´t care how heavy it is…put it in your hand luggage. You do not want it to be inside a suitcase and fall down escaltor stairs in a train station. The cooling fan will break….trust me on this one!

Apart from my laptop mishap i´ve been having quite a fun second week in Cordoba. It is officially my first week of teaching and so far I´ve been introducing myself to various classes from 1st year to 4th year. It was a bit daunting at first but I soon realised that the students were just as nervous as me. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the girls in the 1st year class handed me a drawing that she´d made for me at the end of the lesson. They must like me after all!

I´ve also realised…I need to make friends with Spanish people! I live with a Scottish girl and I basically speak english all day at school apart from the odd hola and hearing students whisper ´que ha dicho´? Hopefully I´ll get introduced to some Erasmus people who have Spanish flatmates so I can practice my Spanish and work on my Andalusian accent!

On the topic of the Spanish way of life, I think I´m adjusting pretty well. I´ve tried salmorejo (a cold spanish soup popular in Cordoba and thicker than gazpocho) and my new favourite drink is tinto de verano! I even started getting hungry at ten o´clock last night whilst waiting for dinner..que raro.

I also have so many pictures to upload but that will have to wait until I have an actual laptop and internet in my flat!

Hasta luego 🙂

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