Rebajas and Routine

So I´m back in Spain and the first week of the New Year has been and gone. I was quite reluctant to come back and say goodbye to my family but planning trips for the year ahead and keeping busy with school work has made it a lot easier.

It’s also sale time here in Spain, ´las rebajas´ mean major discounts and bargains which has not been good for my bank card or my faith in sales assistants. This is due to the fact that on my shopping trip at the weekend, in one particular shop I was basically accused of being a thief. I happened to be wearing boots that were on sale at the time (which I bought in November), anyway after browsing and not finding anything I left the shop only to hear the alarm ringing. The annoyed  sales assistant pulled me back into the shop demanded to look in my bag, checked my pockets and proceeded to ask me when I had bought the books and then brought me over to the till where I had to lift up my right foot and place it over some scanner. ´Ya está´ the sales assistant says to me, meaning ´that´s it´. I left the shop feeling confused and humiliated with everyone staring at me. It’s safe to say I will not be returning there anytime soon!

On the plus side, it seems to be that  theone tradition here to bring in the New Year, is that when you see anyone you know you proceed to hug them and kiss them on both cheeks and say ´Feliz Año Nuevo´. This happened to me about 10 times on my first day of school and me being my awkward self,  had no idea what to do. I have since learnt that you simply say ´Igualmente´. Duh Emma!

So….Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! Everyone better be saying ´igualmente´ right now!


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