Puente Reunion

As the first week of March comes to an end, I’ve come to the realisation that my time in Spain is going by so quickly! Last week however, we had a puente (a long weekend break) for Andalucía Day so I decided to go to Granada and finally visit my Spanish friend who I hadn’t seen in six years, yes SIX years!

I had done an exchange in 4th year when I was in school and got on with my exchange partner Carmen so well so I decided to go back and visit her the following Summer and ever since then we’ve managed to keep in contact. My Spanish flatmate was driving back to Granada for the weekend so I decided to take advantage of avoiding public transport and off we went. Eventually after about three hours (she got lost), I ended up in Carmen’s house in the same room that I had stayed in six years before. It was so strange, literally nothing had changed, the whole thing was so surreal but in a good way, it felt like I had never left. Her parents were as friendly as ever and it was so nice to see Carmen again and we had a lot to catch up on.

Anyway the day after arrived, the weather basically ruined any plans of outdoor activity. It snowed, something which Spain just is not prepared for and so her father pointed out that the roads would be too dangerous. However that night, Carmen took me for tapas. We walked down a street near the Plaza de Toros and out of nowhere was this sort of underground tapas bar, packed with people. Now tapas in Granada are different to tapas in Córdoba. For a start you get a bigger quantity and they are genuinely free when you buy a drink. I had a mini hamburger and kebabs with some tinto de verano, all for 4 euro which is cheaper than Cordoba.

The following day we ate in Carmen’s house and I had some homemade paella. Later on Carmen drove me into the center of Granada and after walking into the old part of the city and going up a few steps we made it to this little café called ‘Abaco’ that was full of students chilling out on bohemian style couches and cushions. We went up to the next floor and outside to the balcony where you could see the whole of Granada and the Alhambra palace in all its glory.  The menu was also amazing and had every type of tea imaginable. I eventually decided on a cappuccino and a crepe con chocolate y nata which were like heaven. I would definitely recommend ‘Abaco’ to anyone who is visitng Granada, the view is must see, you just may have to ask for directions!

We then met up with Carmen’s friends who I had met on the exchange. I spent half of the time trying to decipher what they were talking about but after a few cerveza’s I soon became part of the conversation. They informed me that my Spanish was so good and that I had to come back soon for a weekend.

All in all I left Granada feeling more confident that I had managed a whole three days just speaking Spanish and felt like my little Spanish family had not forgotten about me at all.



http://www.abacote.com /


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