Bilbao and Semana Santa (Travel Adventures continued)

After our little adventure in Barcelona we made our way to the Basque Country to Bilbao. We arrived early in the morning, and after trying to decipher Euskara in the metro, being turned down by a taxi man because our hostel was down a ‘strange street’ we eventually made it to our hostel, shattered and quite sad that we had to leave Barcelona.

The next morning we decided to make the most of our time and visit the famous “Guggenheim museum”. The museum itself is a piece of amazing architecture. You would think that it being so modern it wold not fit in well with Bilbao but in actual fact it does. The building holds three levels, with each floor containing at least two exhibitions. It takes a while to walk around all the galleries especially if you have the audio guide but it is definitely a good way to pass the time.

After the museum we wandered through Bilbao and walked through the old town of the city. It definitely felt strange for both of us, having gotten used to the South of Spain it definitely didn’t feel like we were in the same country.San Sebastian

On our last day before we had to go to the airport we decided to get a bus to San Sebastián in the morn ing. It took roughly over an hour to get to from Bilbao. It is a small town but even with the cloudy weather it was still beautiful. The cathedral is impressively tall and the beach is amazing. If you ever visit the north of Spain I would definitely recommend going there as its so close to go to Bilbao and other cities and it’s a small enough place where you can easily spend one day in.

San Sebastian

After we said goodbye to the north we flew to Madrid and then caught the night bus back to Cordoba, just in time for the Semana Santa celebrations. They had been happening all week but there were still parades on theThursday we arrived back. Each brotherhood in cordoba has their own procession and costumes and so each parade is specific to each brotherhood with the bands having their own music and the members having their own colour of costumes. You can see that everyone takes the whole week very seriously as it is a chance for them to show their faith. We watched two parades during the day, and later on that night there was a silent mid night procession. The local people really put so much effort into making the parades special with the men practising from a few weeks before. During the parades the men carry huge statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary adorned with flowers and they are actually all huddled underneath holding the statues up for hours. Now that’s what I call dedication!







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