Los Patios de Córdoba

So I haven’t been blogging in a while due to the fact that I’ve been sick for the past week. There is nothing worse than being sick in a different country and not having your own mother with you to properly look after you aka (give you food, and reassure you that everything will be ok).

Anyway, after spending too much time in the flat and feeling like a recluse my flatmate (who is also a language assistant) eventually dragged me out of my bed to go and wander around the city to see the famous ‘patios’ displays.

Every year locals open their patios for the public to show off their floral displays, in the hope of winning the competition.  The patio’s are spread all over the city and there are even different route’s you can go on. This competition has gone on for years and so naturally my flatmate said, ‘oh let’s go and see the patio that my teacher’s, friend’s aunt won in 1961’. Unfortunately as we were sticking to the route closest to our flat, we didn’t get to see it but went to the ‘most beautiful’ one’s her teacher recommended.

When you enter into the patios, you feel like you are intruding into someone’s back garden, or some sort of social event. People were crowded around the flowers, drinking wine and commenting on the display. To us, after about the second patio, they all started to look the same but we did feel very cultured by the end of it.

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