Feria Fun!

Every year in Córdoba at the start of the last two weeks in Cordoba a huge fair is set up across the Guadalquivir River.  The fair celebrates the end of the cultural month of May and is a way for the city to celebrate their traditions.

To get to the fair you walk over the Roman Bridge and continue over another bridge to get to the entrance of the fair. Last night was the opening of the two week festivity and at midnight a fireworks display was set up to start things off. The walk there is incredible, the whole bridge was lit up with hanging lights and as you walk through you feel as if you are entering into some magical land. The fair is also home to one of the biggest Ferris wheels in Europe.

The fai in my opinion is set up in two parts. You get the typical fair experience in the section where there are different amusements and food and game stalls. The other section is where there are wine and beer houses set up which also serve as restaurants and dance areas at night, each one having their own name.

During the fair it is typical to see Spanish women, children and men dressed up in typical flamenco costumes. This is just another way of celebrating the culture and it’s also nice to see.

All in all, the fair is just another amazing thing that Córdoba has to offer!

I have included some pictures I took last night; hopefully I will go next week on a trip with the other teachers at the school I work in so I may have more.

Besos x Image

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